JD King's Elvis


One of JD King’s greatest strengths as an Elvis impersonator is the consistently great feedback he receives from critics and fans alike.

As an artist determined to deliver the most exciting and authentic tribute possible, whilst always putting the customers’ needs first, JD delivers first-class performances every time.

You can see JD King’s latest Elvis impersonator reviews via independently verified customer platform reviews.co.uk above. For all other reviews, including from news publications, blogs and other customer feedback, please see below:

“Critics’ choice – and the one to watch”

Time Out

“Having grown up with the king, just below God and above Tchaikovsky, when I saw JD I knew Elvis was back in the building.”

Kim Wilde

“Devereaux’s voice was exceptional – he is brilliant – a must see!”

Fringe Review

“JD King is a frighteningly talented individual – a natural-born star. As JD King*, he has hearts throbbing, aching and skipping beats in perfect time to the music. With his intense charisma, audience rapport and professionalism it’s no surprise that JD King is in so much demand – by audiences and producers alike. As a producers dream in a bespangled jumpsuit, JD King is irrefutably the ‘King of Encore’.”

Castlist Ltd.

“The best Elvis we’ve ever seen, aside from the man himself.”

The Brand Inside

“He was brilliant! I’m not a great Elvis fan but he did his very best songs and it worked extremely well. Would you believe he is the grandson of Ed Devereaux of Skippy fame? Now there’s quality.”

The Real Chrisparkle
Based on 75 reviews

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