Featured by BBC One, Sky and Channel 5 in the UK, JD King has been hailed as the world’s best Elvis impersonator.

He’s the go-to Elvis tribute act for fans, brands and celebs worldwide with an incredible voice, stage presence and charisma.

He is rated the number 1 Elvis impersonator of all, with dozens of 5-star reviews from celebrities, newspapers, and verified customers worldwide. His show is available in every era of Elvis’ career with a show tailored to suit every occasion.

A European Elvis tribute artist with international acclaim who has been ranked among the world’s best impersonators since he was 18 years old.

JD King is the only alternative to Elvis himself. Get in touch below!


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For more videos and audio recordings of JD’s amazing Elvis impersonation, check out his YouTube channel and SoundCloud profile.

JD King Elvis impersonator on BBC One with Bradley Walsh and Holly Willoughby - Take Off With Bradley & Holly
Take Off! with Bradley & Holly – Episode 1 (BBC One). Copyright BBC.

JD King has become a regular TV & radio guest as Elvis

Famed for his fantastic impression of Elvis Presley, he is not just a huge Elvis fan and one of the top Elvis lookalikes. He is also very charismatic and highly knowledgeable, leading to regular appearances on radio and television not just as the best Elvis impersonator but as an expert on Elvis Presley’s life.

Elvis Presley is considered the most significant cultural force in twentieth-century popular music. He was the first rock ‘n’ roll superstar. Elvis passed away on August 16, 1977, at the young age of 42, yet no other entertainer of this generation has come close to having such an impact on society.

It’s been nearly 40 years since the King left us, but his legacy lives on through his music, movies and countless impersonators who are still paying homage to America’s music legend. One of those impersonators is JD King, who has been performing as Elvis for over 15 years and is often named Europe’s best tribute act.


JD King Elvis tribute Time Out online article cover for ELVIS movie review

JD King was invited to a special press screening of the new ELVIS biopic by Time Out Magazine to feature his thoughts in their move review. Here’s an extract:

“…I was wary going in, but I thought the film was fantastic. I wondered if they’d be able to capture this shy, humble country boy who just feels the music and translates it on the stage, but they really did. I knew the film would be quite bombastic and amped-up in the Baz Luhrmann style, but it really captured his humanity…”

To read JD King’s thoughts in full, click here to visit the Time Out website.

JD King interview ELVIS movie Time Out magazine
Print version of the Time Out ELVIS movie interview (copyright: Time Out)

“As the son of West End musical star and grandson of famous Australian TV star Ed (Best known as Matt Hammond, the ranger from Skippy the Bush Kangaroo), JD was always destined to be a star. He’s handsome, dedicated and charming as he is talented.” 


His prominent featured appearances include:
Take Off with Bradley & Holly (BBC ONE), Elvis: The Man That Rocked The World (Channel 5), The Voice (BBC ONE), Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is (BBC TWO), South Today (BBC LOCAL), the Daily Politics (BBC TWO) and Raceday Live (SKY SPORTS). JD King also starred in the primetime show Sing Date (SKY LIVING), singing Elvis songs throughout the episode. 

He has given many in-depth and entertaining interviews on radio, including: 
Scarlett Moffatt Wants To Believe (BBC RADIO 1), talk RADIO, Radio Reverb, JUICE FM and Southern Counties Radio. In addition, he has featured in articles about his life in the i Newspaper as well as magazines Ideal Bride and Beauty & Ruin.

JD has also worked with many celebrities and music groups, including:
Texas, Ms Dynamite, Kim Wilde, Marty Wilde, Doctor & The Medics, Paul Zenon, Alastair Campbell & Arthur Brown. In addition, JD has worked with Elvis’ guitarist John Wilkinson & Elvis’ cousin Donna Presley-Early.


JD King's Elvis tribute show - famous venues and locations

Throughout his career, JD King has performed his Elvis tribute act in some of the world’s most prestigious venues

JD King is an Elvis impersonator known for his authenticity, versatility and charisma. He can perform everything from the early Sun Records days of Elvis to the later years in Las Vegas. His UK tour shows are an authentic tribute to the King of Rock and Roll.

His Elvis tribute act has taken him from small venues to large theatres across the nation and in Europe. As you can see from the prominent venues he’s worked with, JD King ranks as one of the very best Elvis impersonators in the world.

From the gates of Graceland itself to the Las Vegas strip, JD King has appeared in many iconic Elvis locations.

In London, he has entertained celebrities and corporate clients in intimate shows at some of its most iconic hotels, such as The Ritz, The Dorchester and Claridge’s. He has toured his concert event from London to festivals and even Elvis’ home town Memphis.

In 2017, he was the first among Elvis impersonators or any performer to debut as the headline act of the world’s largest tribute festival TribFest. In another first, he was re-booked to headline again the very next year.

JD is an Elvis tribute artist champion in every way that matters. He has the voice, moves and charisma of Elvis himself whilst maintaining a great professional reputation as an entertaining performer.

“Had the distinct pleasure of working with JD when he did a show for our company at the Ritz London. He was tremendous! HIGHLY recommended!”

Steve Pippin & Dr. Robert Mughon (Author)


Elvis tribute JD King inducted into Hall of Fame photo

In 2019 JD King was inducted into the international Elvis impersonators Hall of Fame

JD King (formerly known as ‘This Is Elvis’) as the best European Elvis tribute artist, offers clients many different Elvis acts. He can perform as an Elvis impersonator from all of the famous eras. You will not be disappointed with any of his performance packages!

A lifelong actor/singer and Elvis fan, JD is the most enjoyable Elvis impersonator you will find anywhere. Hailing from Brighton (UK), JD has built an incredible reputation over the past 19 years for his exciting recreation of Elvis Presley. He covers all of his greatest hits, including Hound Dog, Blue Suede Shoes, Suspicious Minds and The Wonder of You.

His uncanny resemblance to the young Elvis and his ability to master all the legendary artist’s vocal nuances combined with his celebrated stage presence has earned him numerous accolades, including a place in the Elvis Tribute Artists Hall of Fame.

It has officially recognised him as one of the best Elvis impersonators in the world and Europe’s best Elvis. Additionally, JD has excellent reviews from various well-known publications, celebrities and Elvis Presley fans.

JD, who comes from a musical background, faithfully recreates Elvis’ live concerts’ original sound and feel with his powerful voice and dynamic stage presence – the Hall of Fame has recognised him for these qualities.

But what makes JD King different? What makes him stand out from the crowd?

An Elvis tribute artist can come in all shapes and forms – from your Chinese Elvis to your 8-year-old mega fan wanting to get in on the action!

JD King is a huge Elvis fan and one of many European Elvis impersonators. Still, from his one-of-a-kind appearance to his charismatic style and talent, JD is considered by many to be the most authentic performer of The King working today.

He not only looks like Elvis but also sounds and acts like him! His vocal range and ability enable him to perform songs from every era of Elvis’ career.

There is no doubt that he has an uncanny ability to sound like Elvis Presley. But what sets him apart from the other Elvis impersonators is his ability to capture the stage presence of the man in his prime.

As an Elvis tribute artist, he can captivate an audience with just a mannerism or a hand gesture and then send them into total uproar with one of those famous leg shakes. This is why he is named Europe’s best Elvis by so many. He takes great pleasure in trying to make every person in the audience happy.

From that crucial first impression to the very last note of the encore, JD delivers a first-class performance every time.

“Having grown up with the King, just below God and above Tchaikovsky, when I saw JD I knew Elvis was back in the building.”

Kim Wilde (Popstar)


JD King is uniquely trusted to deliver first-class Elvis performances among fans and clients alike

Ever since Elvis died, paying tribute to him has become a fundamental way for fans to keep his spirit alive. As an enormous fan of Elvis Presley, studying videos and music since he was five years old, in JD, you get a true lifelong fan dedicated to honouring the memory of his hero.

JD King’s ‘Elvis The Legend’ is a theatre show featuring a fantastic Elvis band and the most popular songs. JD takes you on a journey through each era in Elvis Presley’s career, highlighting all the greatest moments. From the birth of 1950s Rock’ n’ Roll through to the ballads of 1970s Las Vegas.

With the look of Elvis at his peak, JD as The Young King brings excitement, energy and fun to every performance. He has been entertaining audiences around the world since 2002, bringing his unique style and charm to his shows.

JD prides himself on providing the best quality experience and value for money every time he performs his famous Elvis show. That’s why he is always keen to make sure clients get what they want out of their booking.

If you love Elvis, you’ll love JD King’s incredibly authentic performances.

He aims to be a tribute artist champion of the cause of providing the best of all Elvis impersonators that you can experience.

JD performs his Elvis Presley shows for many private clients, including corporate events, private parties, and charity benefits. His performances include all the music of the King from his first Sun Records recordings to his ’68 Comeback Special and from Vegas to Hawaii.

He is the King of a new generation of Elvis impersonators, recreating the music that made Elvis Presley one of the most popular performers in history.

JD King is one of the best Elvis impersonators of our time. Anyone can see the resemblance the moment he steps on stage, but it’s more than that. It’s his moves, his mannerisms, and his voice. His shows are a delight for all ages.

From gospel to Rock’ n’ Roll, from classic Elvis to the Vegas years, JD delivers an event that would make The King proud! He’s a huge Elvis fan and it really shows in his performances.

“Always having been a big Elvis fan I vowed after his death that I would never go and see an Elvis impersonator because there can never be another Elvis. Wow, am I pleased my friend persuaded me to go to see JD King!”

June Andrews (verified customer)

JD is currently 37 years old and, therefore, the perfect age to present Elvis in all eras of his career. Elvis Presley performed from the age of 18 to his death at 42 – putting JD right where an Elvis impersonator should be to recreate all eras of the King realistically.

JD consistently invests deeply to ensure that he only uses the highest quality materials and equipment when presenting his tribute to the King. From the costumes to the sound/lighting to backing tracks and musicians, JD only uses the best Elvis costumes.

By providing a song list with hundreds of Elvis songs to choose from, many different show types and all the famous looks from throughout Elvis’ career, JD will perform as an Elvis impersonator for your event exactly as you want it.


JD King’s Elvis = solo show / JD King’s Elvis & The Burning Love Band = with live musicians / JD King’s Elvis The Legend = story-based show


For all Elvis impersonator inquiries, please contact JD’s personal manager: Arline Hayman.

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