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Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about booking a top Elvis act? On this page, we have the answers to all of your biggest questions about JD King’s famous Elvis show.

As with most Elvis shows, we do not advertise a standard price list. This is due to numerous factors such as travel arrangements, timings, availability, the type of show and the nature of the event itself. However, all performances are uniquely tailored to the needs of the client – we always strive to accommodate your requirements as best we can!

You can send an enquiry via the contact page and JD’s management will put together a quote for you.

He has over 15 years of professional experience as an Elvis impersonator, as well as an extensive background in theatre and cabaret over the last 20 years. So rest assured JD has been there and done that when it comes to performing on stage.

JD delivers his performances in a slick, consistent and entertaining manner. Jim’s approach is to try and recreate Elvis at his best (not, as some like to do as a joke, his worst) all the while taking the material seriously – but never himself too seriously!

JD only works with full-time professional musicians who have the technical skills, specific knowledge and personal passion to do justice to Elvis’ music. The Burning Love Band ranges from a 4-piece all the way up to a 12-piece band with up to 6 backing vocalists – The Sweet Soul Singers – to suit larger events. He is an Elvis tribute artist who never compromises on quality. See the video above for a band preview.

JD consistently invests deeply to ensure that he is only using the highest quality materials and equipment when presenting his tribute to the King. From the costumes to the sound/lighting to backing tracks and musicians; JD only uses the best Elvis costumes.

A lot of other Elvis tributes still try to work with old, outdated and poor quality equipment and ill-fitting costumes. JD, by contrast, presents a truly professional and high-quality show.

JD is currently 37 years old, and therefore the perfect age to realistically present Elvis in all eras of his career. Elvis Presley performed from the age of 18 to his death at 42 – putting JD right where an Elvis tribute should be to realistically recreate all eras of the King.

Unlike so many Elvis tribute artists, who are significantly older than the King was when he died, with JD you’re getting the best of all worlds with his excellent mix of youth and experience.

There is a persistent perception that the King was overweight for a significant portion of his life. This is simply not true. Elvis only started to suffer from health issues that led to significant weight change in the last 2 to 3 years of his life.

JD by contrast has almost exactly the same dimensions as Elvis when he looked his best. JD is six feet tall, has a UK 11 shoe size and a waist measuring 34 inches – the same as Elvis at the height of his career!

You’re only as good as your last performance and, as you will see in the reviews section, JD’s performances are consistently rated as first class.

It’s not just professional reviews that matter though, it’s the feedback that the audience gives. Leaving each and every one of them happy at the end of the night is JD’s biggest priority. Check out our certified customer reviews and feel confident that you’re getting the best quality around.

JD prides himself on providing the best quality experience and value for money every single time he performs his famous Elvis show. That’s why he is always keen to make sure clients get exactly what they want out of their booking.

By providing a song list with over 230 standard Elvis songs to choose from, as well as many different show types and all the famous looks from throughout Elvis’ career, JD King will perform for your event exactly as you want it. He can perform any song Elvis ever recorded, no matter the obscurity (upon request).

The very first music JD fell in love with as a young child was Elvis Presley’s and many many years on, that has not changed. It is the reason Jim began performing as JD King and that passion and commitment to Elvis is plain for all to see in his performances.

Rest assured, JD’s passion for the music of the 20th century’s greatest music icon has never wavered and because of that, JD is always striving to be the best tribute he can be. He never settles for an ‘it’ll do’ or ‘close enough’ approach.


If you have any questions about the show that are not answered here, please send us a message.

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JD prides himself on providing the best quality experience and value for money every time he performs his famous Elvis show. He always ensures clients get what they want from their booking. Get in touch for an experience of a lifetime!