If you’re looking for the best Elvis impersonator working today, contact J.D. King (Jim Devereaux)

He is one of many UK Elvis impersonators and Elvis tribute artists, but you will find he is in a class of his own…



JD King as Elvis from his ’68 Comeback Special

Elvis Presley was and is one of the most famous entertainers to ever grace the world. In fact, his popularity has not waned in over 50 years. As a result of Elvis’s large fanbase, many people who are looking for London corporate entertainment ideas opt to hire Elvis tribute artists. The best Elvis impersonator in the United Kingdom is J.D. King; he performs an Elvis tribute show that even the King himself would be proud of.

J.D. King (formerly known as ‘This Is Elvis’) offers his clients several different Elvis tribute shows to choose from. He can, for instance, perform as Elvis from the 50s, 60s, of 70s. Of all of the UK Elvis impersonators working now, Mr. Devereaux is the most respected and renowned. You will not be disappointed with any of his performance packages!

Hailing from Brighton (UK) Jim Devereaux has over the past 14 years built an international reputation for his incredible recreation of the King. A lifelong actor/singer and Elvis fan, Jim has created the most authentic and enjoyable Elvis tribute you will find anywhere. Featuring all of Elvis’ classic songs from the 1950s Rock ‘n’ Roll to the 1970s Las Vegas jumpsuits.

No matter what your favourite Elvis song or performance era – J.D. King’s Elvis tribute show will recreate it in a truly authentic and entertaining way for you and your guests.

J.D. King’s Elvis Tribute Show


JD King as Elvis from his 1970s Vegas years

Over the course of his career J.D. has performed in every part of the UK on tours and private engagements, often with his fantastic Elvis tribute band ‘The Burning Love Band’. J.D. has performed as an Elvis impersonator throughout Europe and in the US (including Elvis’ hometown Memphis, Tennessee for the 25th anniversary of his death.) During his stay J.D. also recorded songs at the famous Sun Studios where the King himself began his career. Elvis impersonators or Elvis tribute shows in the UK such as J.D. King are hard to find with such experience.

Jim Devereaux has performed at large national events including: Cannes film festival (2008). Wembley Stadium (2010 final of the Rugby Heineken Cup). Edinburgh Fringe Festival (2008-09). Brighton Fringe Festival (2008-13). Conservative Party Conference (2013). Foodies Festival (2012-13) and at Blenheim Palace (2006) for the ‘Vodstock’ music concert.

Jim has performed as an Elvis impersonator with celebrities and famous groups including: Texas. Miss Dynamite. Marty Wilde. Kim Wilde. Doctor & The Medics. Paul Zenon. Alastair Campbell and Arthur Brown.

Jim has appeared many times on the BBC (The Voice, Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is, South Today, Daily Politics, Southern Counties Radio). Also on Sky Living (‘Sing Date’ Season 1). Jim gives interviews and is a guest expert on Elvis for Radio Reverb and Juice FM.

jdking-reviews-top-elvis-impersonator-tribute-jimdevereauxProminent places J.D. King has performed as Elvis include:

JD King Big Venues

J.D. King’s Elvis is a dynamic event designed to meet your unique requirements

Whether it’s your favourite Elvis era or that special Elvis song you love, J.D. can design his Elvis show to meet your needs. 

With over 230 Elvis songs to choose from, J.D. King presents the very best of Elvis’ classics for your event. (A full song list is available to choose your favourites to hear on the night). 

A professional performance artist providing peace of mind to all clients

Jim Devereaux is part of Equity which insures Jim as an Elvis impersonator through public liability insurance (PLI) up to £2 million. Also, all of Jim’s equipment if fully PAT tested and compliant with EU regulations.

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