The sensational hit theatre touring show

JD King’s Elvis is wowing audiences around the world with a stunning recreation of Elvis Presley at his very best.

Not all Elvis impersonators are created equal, but this show certainly tops the bill. Press and media up and down the country regard JD King as the closest thing possible to the man himself.

As a young man, JD impersonates Elvis as he was during the zenith of his career, bringing an extra authenticity and dynamism to the act. The impersonator is an accomplished all-round performer, actor and musician in his own right and brings a broad knowledge of stagecraft, as well as the King himself, to his act.

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NOTE: For his theatre shows, JD King uses either orchestrated backing tracks, or his live Vegas band, depending on the size of the venue.

The Burning Love Band

Accompanying JD on his touring performances in larger venues, the Burning Love Band is a collection of sensational musicians with just as a big a passion for Elvis.

Comprising the same size rhythm section as Elvis’ original TCB band, along with a powerful horn section and backing singers, it’s the best recreation of it’s kind you’ll find anywhere in the world.

The design, type and lineup of JD King’s Elvis show is customisable in all areas depending on the size of the stage/venue. Here is a typical example of a stage layout.

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Tech Rider

You can download the full tech rider for JD King’s theatre show, this includes recommended:


  • Stage Plot
  • Channel List
  • Channel Mix
  • Sound/Lighting preferences
  • Band Lineups (if applicable)
  • JD’s general notes

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Poster Design

Edge Arts Centre (example)


We create custom designed posters for all our theatre events.

This includes all the vital information, as well as your logo, in a clear and attractive way.

Alternatively, you can download a generic unbranded copy of our standard poster design at the link below:


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Touring dates available to book now – contact JD King’s management for more details
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