Photos of JD King as Elvis Presley

You’ll find here a selection of photos of JD dressed as Elvis Presley, from a variety of iconic eras in the King’s career.

JD King has been performing his famous Elvis tribute act for more than 15 years. However, as JD is still in his mid-thirties, he is the perfect age to recreate all eras of Elvis’s career with great authenticity.

He prides himself on wearing only the finest quality reproductions of Elvis’ most iconic stage wear. From the famous gold lamé jacket of his early Rock ‘n’ Roll shows in the 1950s, to the Eagle adorned jumpsuit made famous by the 1973 Aloha From Hawaii global television broadcast, JD King presents all of it with style and aplomb befitting of Elvis himself.

A mixture of live pictures and studio shots, this selection showcases the versatility of JD King’s looks, highlighting the quality of his recreation of each era of Elvis Presley’s star-studded career.

To see more images of JD Kind both on and off stage, you can see his latest pics on Instagram.

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