J.D. King’s Elvis Impersonator Media Features

Details of high profile media appearances Jim has made over the years as an Elvis tribute artist


Daily Politics (1st October 2014)

J.D. King appeared in a satirical skit with former Labour spin-doctor Alastair Campbell at the Conservative Party conference in Manchester. Check out the video above to see a clip of the two of them giving as good as they get!

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The Sun newspaper (2008)

WELL burger me . . . Elvis impersonator Jim Devereaux was staggered when his internet date turned out to be the spitting image of Presley’s wife Priscilla.
But when they met, the resemblance was obvious.
Hannah, of Tunbridge Wells, Kent, admitted she fancied junk food fiend Elvis but said: “Jim’s much nicer.”
And besotted Jim, from Brighton, said: “Physically, I think Hannah is just like Priscilla but a hundred times better.”

A complete interview/article was published initially by The Argus newspaper and Love It! magazine, and subsequently re-printed by The Sun, other women’s weekly magazines and international newspapers.

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Sing Date Season 1 (2012)

Jim appeared on one of the debut episodes of the quirky TV dating program ‘Sing Date’. Contestants record a video of a song to be shown to a potential date who picks who she’d like to duet and go on a date with. J.D. was asked to audition and his Elvis impression was highly popular so he was chosen from among thousands of single applicants to appear on the program. Although Jim didn’t find love from the show, he had a lot of fun doing it!

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