Elvis Impersonator

J.D. King is evidence that Elvis is living and well, and that he was born in Brighton. Devereaux, a lifelong actor, singer and Elvis lover, is the best Elvis impersonator in the united kingdom.

Whether you adore Elvis from the 50s, 60s or 70s, Jim can do it all, clothed in the attire Elvis wore in the period, and delivering all the classics that you just like. Over the years there have been a lot of Television and radio appearances, with Jim featuring on Sing Date season one, Daily Politics, South Today and Southern Counties Radio. Juice FM and Radio Reverb often contact Jim in when they need a guest specialist on anything regarding Elvis. Over the years Jim has worked with groups, singers and celebrities around the globe, in a list that includes Alistair Campbell, Arthur Brown, Kim Wilde, Paul Zenon, Texas, Miss Dynamite and Doctors & the Mechanics. Over the last 50 years Elvis’s popularity has not decreased.

New followers fall in deep love with the music and aura of Elvis every year, and his history of amusement and amazement lives on today through his photos and impersonators like Jim. Very few acts are as much of a sure thing as a quality Elvis impersonator and J.D. King is unquestionably one of the best you can find. Jim is great at what he does since he enjoys it; he has a of more than 230 tunes, has got the glance and personality of Elvis, as well as the clothing to match. Consequently get in touch when feasible for the next event.

For the 25th anniversary of the demise of Elvis J.D. King went to Memphis, Tennessee, the home of Elvis, and played for the enthusiasts. While in Memphis J.D. King recorded at the famous business, Sun Companies, where Elvis himself recorded many famous tracks all those years ago. Jim has performed in front of some huge crowds, like the Brighton Fringe Festival, Edinburgh Fringe Festival, the 2013 Conservative party yearly conference and at Wembley Arena for the 2010 Rugby Cup final. J.D. King performs exclusive shows the length and breadth of the country, remarkable followers with his ability, look and charisma, but he also regularly works with ‘The Burning Love Band’. There are different needs for every performance; therefore Jim will give you you with a price quote when you contact him. generally you are able to book J.D. King for single 60 minute sets, 2×45 minutes, or 3×30 minute sets.

Jim is a singer, and can work around you to make sure that your audience gets the entertainment they deserve. The country’s most special performer. To book Jim to entertain your guests, get in touch today to find out whether he is available for your times. Relive the genius of Elvis in the 50s 60s and 70s by having J.D. King entertain and impress your guests. You will actually think that you’re watching Elvis perform his or her own greatest hits.

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