Software Feature

A software system is described as ‘feature-rich’ when it has several options and functional systems available to its user. A typical example of a feature-rich software is Salon Management Software by Salon Advantage. It is a software feature with various applications that aim to make business processes seamless and easier for salon owners.
Feature Oriented Software Development
A feature oriented software development (FOSD) is a paradigm for the development, customisation, and production of a large-scale software system. A feature is the functional unit of a software system that satisfies a need, signifies a design decision and offers an option for potential configuration.

The simple idea behind an FSOD is to break down a software system according to the features it provides. The goal of construction is to develop a properly-structured software that can be customised to meet the needs of the user (a salon owner in this case) and the application scenario.

Naturally, from a set of features, it is possible to generate several different software applications that share common features and vary in function. A group of software systems made from a group of features is also referred to as a software product line.
Salon Management Software As An Example Of A Software Feature
As mentioned before, Salon Management Software (SMS) is a feature-rich software built to help salon owners maximise their business operations, while providing excellent services for their clients.

Features within the SMS software include:

Online booking
Salon App
Reward system
Social salon
Stock control
Training and Support
Online Booking

This feature helps salon owners organise their client booking system without error. Customers who book days or weeks in advance need not worry about clashes or similar issues. It can be integrated into the website and social media platform to allow customers to book appointments 24/7.
Reward System
A reward system is a strategic marketing process that helps salon owners encourage customers to become more loyal clients. It works with a loyalty program, where customers can accrue points or receive discounts as they visit the salon. The salon owner can also use the information to study the analytics of their customer behaviour. This includes knowing their preferences like tint colour, organic products or favourite hairstyle.
Smart Marketing Software
Once integrated onto the user’s platform, the smart marketing software can track data such as customer’s birthday and send them SMS greetings. It can also be used to remind customers of their appointments or send a potential new client messages. This software helps to strengthen customer loyalty, win new customers, increase product sales, as well as generate revenue.
Stock Control
This software feature is designed to help salon owners manage their stock and inventory effectively. Clients can save up to 25% on stock purchases with the application, because it makes stocking more accurate, and prompts them to make more savvy decisions. Additionally, users can track product sales, identify the least favourite products and save money, generate orders automatically, and so on.

The features of the software are many and they all contribute to enhancing business processes with their individual functions. For a salon owner, the adoption of an SMS program cannot be more relevant.

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