Jim Devereaux head shot photo

Jim Devereaux

Jim Devereaux (JD King) has spent a lifetime impersonating Elvis Presley. Now in his mid-thirties and with 20 years of professional experience behind him, there are few out there who can match him as an Elvis tribute.

Elvis Presley was and is one of the most famous entertainers to ever grace the world. In fact, his popularity has not waned in over 50 years. As a result of Elvis’s fanbase, many people who are looking for entertainment ideas think of Elvis tribute artists. The highest-rated and best Elvis tribute artist in the world is Jim Devereaux – aka JD King; he performs an Elvis tribute show that even the King himself would be proud of.

JD King (formerly known as ‘This Is Elvis’) offers clients many different Elvis tribute shows to choose from. He can perform as Elvis from all of the famous eras. Of all of the UK Elvis tribute artists working now, JD King is most trusted by brands, celebs, and countless fans.

Famous for his amazing impression of Elvis, he is not just one of the best Elvis lookalikes, but he is also the most charismatic. Because of this, he has become a well-known and popular TV personality. He regularly appears on radio and television not just as an Elvis impersonator, but as an expert on Elvis Presley’s life.

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