Don’t miss out on seeing JD King – one of the most exciting and best Elvis tribute artists working in the world today.

Not just a great impressionist of Elvis, JD’s a wonderful entertainer, thrilling audiences with his humour and dynamic interactions.

There are many Elvis tributes to choose from, but you’ll rarely find such a great combination of authenticity, energy and fun that you get watching JD King. A lifelong fan and dedicated professional, JD has been performing as Elvis Presley since he was 18 years old.

Over the years he has acquired a major fanbase of dedicated Elvis fans who state that JD King has the best Elvis show in the world.

Don’t take our word for it though! JD King has dozens of 5-star reviews from extremely happy customers. Check out the latest:

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An exceptional voice, JD King is an Elvis tribute with unbelievably uncanny vocal skills

First and foremost Elvis was a singer, so the voice will always be the most important part of being the ultimate Elvis tribute.

JD King is particularly blessed in this area, possessing not only a powerful vocal style but an incredible impression of Elvis that leaves scores of fans unsure if they’re listening to the real thing!

Check out these audio samples, just some of the many Elvis songs JD has recorded:

An Elvis tribute artist that is incredibly versatile

JD King is renowned for his versatility, performing all the major eras of Elvis Presley’s career. Unlike many Elvis shows, JD presents an authentic and credible impression of Elvis from the birth of Rock ‘n’ Roll in the mid-1950s, to the powerful ballads of 1970s Las Vegas.

Whatever your favourite era of Elvis’ career is, JD King pays tribute to it like no other. check these pictures of JD in action:

Why JD King should be your first choice Elvis tribute artist

The best Elvis shows are not just good at one thing, it’s the whole entertainment package that counts. Some Elvis’ look exactly like him, but can’t really sing. With others, it’s the inverse of that.

JD King ticks all of the boxes – he’s handsome and striking, has an amazing voice, dances just like the King did at his best and is a consummate entertainer.

JD grew up in the theatre so fully understands the need to put the audience first – taking his craft very seriously, but never himself too seriously.

All of these good personal traits and a professional background help make JD King the greatest Elvis tribute artist in the world today.

Don’t miss out! Book your tickets for JD King’s shows now via the tickets page, or send us an enquiry so that the best Elvis tribute artist can perform at your special event.

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